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October Meeting

Thursday October 30th 2008, 18:30 au "Les Quatre C".
Emplacement: Les Quatre C
entre avenue Malick Sy et Autoroute
boutique pres de l'escalator - apres World Voyages

Topic: Online Family Tree Builder

Online Family Tree Builder

There seems to be a reverse relationship between family ties and the evolution of our communities. Hence, thanks to technology, we are able to live faster than we used to. This fact allows us to accomplish much more in the same amount of time. However, it also means we are rapidly changing our way of living.

Our parents had means and ways to keep up with their family ties, as family used to play a central role in our communities.

Nowadays, we seem to struggle to keep up with our family because it is often scattered around the globe or we deal with family members who do not play their part as far as maintaining the relationship. Because we live in societies where people tend to be very impatient, we ought to take advantage of the internet to maintain these relationships without having to sacrifice too much of our personal time.

This challenge led to the construction of the tool “BuildTrees.Com”, an online family tree builder. This is a social-networking website. It allows families to cooperate over the internet; not only to share their own profile but also the profile of their family members. It is secure and user-friendly, and more importantly it is completely free.

This presentation is about the challenges families face in keeping up with their ties and how BuildTrees.Com could solve this problem.

About T. Lamine Ba

T. Lamine Ba is the co-founder of the West African Java User Group SeneJUG. He has many years of experience focused primarily on network engineering technologies and complex simulations, products, markets and applications. He started several US-based corporations such as Real Basis LLC, a company providing online transaction systems for the real estate industry, and CoreCube, an online business analysis solutions provider specialized in the medical industry.

T. Lamine was also a Senior System Engineer for Meshnetworks, Inc., where he led a team responsible for creating the complex mathematical simulation models that was used to design their proprietary scalable wireless technology. Meshnetworks, Inc was later acquired by Motorola Inc. Furthermore, T. Lamine Ba participated in the business development of several global corporations invested in VSAT technologies and adHoc mesh networking solutions.

He received his Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Mathematics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. You can reach him at


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