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August Meeting

Thursday August 30th 2007 at 18:30.
au Centre Culturel Francais (CCF) (click here)

Tips on Creating Web Content

Today, thanks to "user created content" solutions, non-technical people can build rich websites and have control over their content; whether it converges to text, images, or videos. So, a domain name, often referred as the name of a website, has become an essential element to own on the web. Moussa Cisse will discuss techniques to add rich content to your website. He will also debate the role domain names have in this global economy and how Africa is positioning herself.

About Moussa Cisse

Moussa Cisse is an alumni of University Gaston Berger in Saint Louis, Senegal - West Africa, where he completed a master in computer science in 2004. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder at Sinti-Group to become a project manager in 2007. He primarily worked on E-Profiling and CRM. He is now the Chief Technical Officer at Kheweul.Com, a visionary west-african company, which happens to be the first ICANN approved domain registrar in the continent.

You can reach Moussa Cisse at


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