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June Meeting: Business Intelligence in West Africa

Thursday June 12th 2008 at 18:30.
location JUST 4 U, Point E

Classical computer science as transaction and management tools were useful for a long time to save time and money in corporate data processes and procedures. For more than one decade a new challenge has arrived due to a increasing need to aggregate information and report analytic details in little time in order to be able to take strategic decisions when an opportunity is momentarily available.

Africa is not spared; due to globalization et competition for emerging markets, african corporations need to be more competititve with a sound control and efficiency in decision making, and deliverables aligned with the market expectations.

In order meet their objectives, corporations need new tools, which offer solutions beyond what tradition information technologies used to provide. This new technology is known as business intelligence. This industry is guaranteed a strong growth in the short term in West Africa, in particular in select countries such as Senegal and Ivory Coast where multinationals tend to establish their bureaus.

L'informatique classique, en tant qu'outil transactionnel et de traitement automatique de l'information, a longtemps servi a gagner du temps dans les processus de traitement des données et procédures. Depuis plus d'une décennies maintenant, un nouveau challenge s'est dressée face a un besoin d'informations agrégées et de rapports analytiques détaillées permettant de prendre des décisions stratégiques en un temps opportun.

L'afrique n'est pas en reste ; dans le contexte de la mondialisation et de recherche de nouveaux marchés, ses entreprises ont besoin d'etre plus compétitives avec une célérité dans la prise de décision, une augmentation de la productivité des équipe et une stratégie en phase avec le marché/les clients. Pour atteindre ces objectifs, ces organisations ont besoins de nouveaux outils qui vont au-dela de l'offre traditionnelle de l'informatique transactionnelle ; il s'agit de l'informatique décisionnelle (Business Intelligence). Cette derniere est sur point de connaître un essort certain dans un futur tres proche, en Afrique de l'ouest, particulierement dans des pays phares tels le Sénégal et la Côte d'Ivoire qui accueillent une large partie des multinationnales du monde occidentale.

About Djibril Diallo

Djibril Diallo holds a Computer Science degree from the "Institut Africain de Management". Early in his career, he has been involved in the IT industry. He participated in numerous internet societies in Senegal.

He worked in various entreprise projects for international organizations such as Central Banks (BCEAO - West Africa, BEAC - Central Africa, Bank Al Marghrib - Morocco) where he actively participated in the sucessfull implementation of their RTGS System. He also worked as a consultant for United Nation World Food Programme HQ.

Thanks to the sound IT knowledge he acquired from IT Societies in the West African region, mainly in Senegal, Djibril decided to team up with other IT experts and create the company Onyx Technologies. Onyx Technologies focuses on IT Business Analysis and provides solutions to middle and large size corporations looking to improve their information system and back office in West Africa. For more information, you can reach Djibril at, or go to for info about Onyx.


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