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May Meeting

Thursday May 10th 2007, 18:30 at ESP.

Topic: Understanding Search Engines

Nowadays, a web presence has become a requirement for most business entities regardless of their size or geo-location. We still miss those days when having a website meant that we were doing business with the entire world. Hence, due to the exponential growth of web traffic, a website has become nothing more than an online business card. If you do not share it, it is as good as a business card in your wallet, meaning it does not bring you any opportunities. Then, how do you market a website?

This presentation explains what a search engine can do for your website. Expect many tips that will give you a new perspective of the World Wide Web and how to benefit from this highway of unlimited resources.

About T. Lamine Ba

T. Lamine Ba is the co-founder of the West African Java User Group SeneJUG. He has many years of experience focused primarily on network engineering technologies and complex simulations, products, markets and applications. He started several US-based corporations such as Real Basis LLC, a company providing online transaction systems for the real estate industry, and CoreCube, an online business analysis solutions provider specialized in the medical industry.

T. Lamine was also a Senior System Engineer for Meshnetworks, Inc., where he led a team responsible for creating the complex mathematical simulation models that was used to design their proprietary scalable wireless technology. Meshnetworks, Inc was later acquired by Motorola Inc. Furthermore, T. Lamine Ba participated in the business development of several global corporations invested in VSAT technologies and adHoc mesh networking solutions.

He received his Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Mathematics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and his Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. You can reach him at



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