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January Meeting: Saving Money By Going Green

Thursday January 17th 2008 at 18:30.
location: bureaux Proximaclick for details
near BCEAO and 2STV

Thanks to Al Gore, and many other environment evangelists, we have become more conscious about our abusive consumption of the Earth natural resources. There is a myth, however, that attempting to protect the environment necessarily comes at a cost.

Herve Tchania, who loves the outdoors and is engaged in protecting Mother Nature is going to prove us otherwise.

Hence, he took the bold initiative to distribute in West Africa a chemical solution patented in the US that will diminish pollution related to fuel consumption, yet increase savings for the consumer by improving the fuel efficiency of the engine.

Accordingly, Hervé Tchania will talk about the environment, pollution, alternative energies such as bio fuel and how Africa might be the perfect market for such business opportunities.

About Hervé Tchania

Herve Tchania holds a Law degree. He attended college in France. Early on, he took notice of the power of network marketing. And his amazing people’s skills allowed him to become successful at building marketing campaigns.

He recently decided to move back from France to Senegal, where he grew up. His entrepreneurial spirit and his love of his homeland led him to identify an innovative chemical solution that could revolutionize the fuel industry in Africa by reducing consumption cost and pollution.

Herve Tchania is now the representative and distributor of Fuel Freedom International in Senegal. Go to for more information. You can reach Herve Tchania at


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