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Ce site a pour ambition de rendre disponible, a partir du sénégal,une plateforme d'échange pour les developpeurs Java et autres technologies qui tournent autour.

This project aims at providing from Senegal, West Africa a meeting site where developers of Java and other technologies can exchange ideas, learn from each other and find opportunities.

The West African JAVA Users Group was registered with SUN Microsystems as "SeneJUG" and formed as a not-for-profit club. Initial operation of the SeneJUG club may be characterized as follows:

There are no membership fees for joining the Club or participating as a member. Operating costs will be borne by Contributing Sponsor companies (Contributing Sponsors).

However, membership is not "free" because everyone is asked to contribute time and talent for the benefit of all members. Please volunteer to serve on the committee of your choice.

The membership list and contact information will not be for public use. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will be held in strict confidence. Members are, of course, free to trade contact information one-on-one.

As a general rule, meetings are held monthly, usually on the last Thursday of the month. Lamine Ba and Michael Levin are JUG co-chairs. Anyone wishing to provide a venue, refreshments or a program speaker/topic should contact us at

There is an open-door policy. All committee and planning meetings are open to all members. Constructive criticism and good ideas are invited. We will strive to improve SeneJUG on a constant, consistent basis. Your active involvement and support is vitally important to the success of the Club.


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